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OSHA Citation Defense

Cal/OSHA has made a visit to your company and cited you. Your first response might be to hire an attorney or simply pay the fine. This is a common mistake for most business owners and one which could effect your company for up to three years.


 OSHA Safety Corporation has an excellent track record defending companies and significantly reducing OSHA citations. If you've already received an OSHA citation, contact us today for a FREE citation evaluation. We will review your citation and provide you with an expert assessment and deploy a sensible appeals strategy.

We offer the following services:

  • Initial Citation Review and Planning

  • Assist in Contacting OSHA after an Incident or Accident occurs

  • Responding and Filing Appeals and Amendments

  • Represent you at Formal Conferences and Hearings

  • Monitoring the Appeals Process

  • Assistance in preventing recurring violations by updating your Illness & Prevention Program, Safety Policies & Procedures and Employee, Supervisor and Management Training.


Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation



All of our professional consultants are Authorized OSHA Instructors in the General and Construction Industries and by the American Heart Association for all of the courses offered. Each of our Instructors are required to maintain all certifications and have a minimum of ten years in their perspective fields.

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