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Every employer is required to an an effective written and active Safety Program which has been implimented in the workplace.

Improper documentation is the most frequently cited by OSHA.

OSHA Safety Corporation can assist you in writing comprehensive Documentation for your companies site-specific locations and exclusively for your industry and operations.

Programs Offered:

  • Accident Investigation Program

  • Biohazard Exposure Control Program

  • Code of Safe Practices

  • Confined Spaces Program

  • Electrical Safety Program

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Energy Control Lockout/Tagout Program

  • Fall Protection Program

  • Fire Prevention Program

  • Food Service Safety Program

  • Hazardous Communications Program

  • Heat Illness Prevention Program

  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program

  • Personal Protective Equipment Program

  • Scaffold Safety Program

  • Workplace Security Hazards Program

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