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Most ladder related injuries can be prevented. Unfortunately, many employees just don't have the required training or proper equipment to remain safe on the job. Now, you can change that with OSHA Safety Corporation Ladder Safety program.


This program is designed to keep professionals safe on the job. Whether it is on-site or at one of our locations, this training program offers an interactive way to educate users how to safely climb and properly care for Ladders.


Course Length: 2hrs | CFR Reference: 1910.1050-1060 | Course Required By: OSHA/NIOSH



  • Understand the meaning of the 4:1 ratio for ladders.

  • Identify the correct amount of overlap when using extension ladders.

  • Identify and locate safe capacity and positioning information for various types of ladders.

  • Understand the "3-Point" climb technique and "Belt Buckle Rule".

  • How to properly inspect ladders.

  • Recognize proper positioning to ensure safe ladder use.

  • Identify potential hazards that may be encountered when using ladders.

  • Recognize safe ladder climbing procedures.

  • Identify precautions to take when climbing ladders.

  • Avoiding Fall-Related Injuries.

  • Identify proper responses you should take if you fall from a ladder.

  • Identify proper responses you should take if another person has fallen from a ladder.

  • Proper methods of ladder transportation and set-up.



  • Recognize safe capacity and positioning of a ladder.

  • Use the proper techniques for ladder inspection and set-up.

  • Identify safe procedures for climbing ladders.

  • Identify proper responses to fall-related accidents.



Courses are offered in both English and Spanish.




Upon completion of Ladder Safety Training, students will be able to identify hazards associated with ladders. Students will receive class room demonstrations and receive Ladder Safety Guide and are required to pass a test. Upon successfully completing this course students will receive a certificate of completion and wallet card.


Contact us today for additional details and course schedules.

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