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OSHA Lockout Tagout "LO/TO" - Control Of Hazardous Energy



Forms of energy such as electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and other types of energy run nearly everything in our workplace today. If uncontrolled, all of these pose a significate hazard. Serious injury and death can result from an unexpected startup, or the release of hazardous energy.


OSHA lock out tag out safety training and procedures have been developed to prevent this from happening and to safeguard employees. Employers are required to provide proper training by a competent instructor and maintain proper written policies and procedures.


Course Length: 4hrs | CFR Reference: 1910.147 | Course Required By: OSHA



  • Know how to prevent injuries by controlling hazardous energy

  • Be able to identify the requirements and procedures for locking and tagging out

  • Understand the employer's training responsibility

  • To increase safety during maintenance and service of equipment by creating a common understanding of LO/TO at your facility

  • To ensure students can recognize all hazardous energy sources and the ability to controlling it through an 8-step lockout procedure



  • General requirements for the control of hazardous energy

  • Employee protection

  • Types of Lockouts

  • Energy Sources

  • Lockout Tagout Equipment

  • Energy control procedure

  • Lockout and tagout procedures and devices

  • Training requirements for lockout and tagout procedures




Upon completion of OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout Tagout) Safety training, students will receive class room demonstrations and receive Lockout Tagout Safety Guide and are required to pass a test. Upon successfully completing this course students will receive a certificate of completion and wallet card.


Contact us today for additional details and course schedules.

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